Revive, don’t replace! It is far more cost effective and better for the environment to have your UPVC windows, doors and cladding and gutters revived by us than replace them for new ones. You will be surprised at the finished result, brand new looking finish that lasts for over 10 years and saves you ££££’s. Talk to us today to se examples and receive a free quotation.


We provide the very best in professional colour coverings and take pride in preparing our work before the revival begins. We strive to offer the best service and value for money in the UK. Want a quote? Get in touch today for a FREE quotation…

Revive Coatings can professionally spray your existing UPVC in any colour with a guarantee for 10 years. We can spray all aspects of UPVC from guttering, facia boards, soffits, windows, doors and more!

The 4 stages for UPVC spraying are as follows:

Removing old and existing silicone/sealant. Our specialist paint will adhere to many things however silicone isn’t one of them. Your existing silicone is removed and then re applied in the colour you have chosen for your newly coated UPVC.

Cleaning the UPVC. A general degreasing agent is sprayed into a scotchbrite pad then rubbed onto your existing UPVC. This helps lift up any lose grime/debris. It is then wiped dry. The team will then disinfect your UPVC using a solvent base cleaner. This will lift up any further dirt and will also kill bacteria. The frame is then rubbed down with a scotchbrite again so the paint can adhere/bond to the plastic.

Masking the exterior of your property. Revive Coatings are very meticulous in the way we mask your property. Depending on whether your property is bricked, rendered or K-rendered it will be masked up with the correct amount of masking.

Spraying your UPVC. revive coatings are the elite of UPVC spray application. We are highly qualified and insured. The paints we use are sprayed to the correct micron (thickness) which allows us to offer a 10 year adhesion guarantee.

The benefits for spraying your existing UPVC is that it can work out 80% cheaper than buying new!

Also when replacing windows you may have to redecorate/re plaster where the existing windows has been taken/ripped out. With our services there is no need for other building work as there is no internal/external damage to your property.

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From kitchens to all UPVC work. Revive coatings have you covered, our industry-leading practices, incredible prices and excellent reputation are the perfect combinations to transform your home, shop or site today.

Our Professional Team

Our team of professionals can help you achieve the look that you want and show you examples of the great work we have recently completed..

Will Blundell


Company Director Will, over see’s the projects and assists you from the outset on choosing colours and finishes to compliment your property. On hand throughout the process to ensure a perfect finish!

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